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Find a route from A to B

daAaB finds all the routes availabe from any departure point to any destination: enter the addresses in the box or select them from the map.

Pick the trip that best meets your needs

You can change the date and time and you can filter the results as needed.

Visualize journey details

daAaB calculates travel times as well as wait times for each portion of your trip.

Never be late again!

daAaB alerts you whn it's time to get going: set your reminders with alerts and vibrations.

Visualize your trip on a map

You can see all the portions of your trip on a map.

Buy Ticekt

You can buy your tickets with daAaB, directly from your device.


With daAaB you can buy tickets for the selected trip...

...or by searching directly from a starting piiunt to an end point...

...or by picking a ticket from a list (if you know the ticket you want).

With participating companies, daAaB daAaB lets you buy the ticket instantly using a QR code.

Once you have decided on a specific journey, you can buy the ticket(s) instantly with your credit card or with Paypal. With daAaB you buy all the needed tickets for a single journey.

Buy with one click

"The ticket you buy is valid starting from the date and time you selected.\n\ Once activated, your ticket is valid for the same duration as\n\ a regular paper ticket, depending on the rules of the transportation company. \n"

Validate Ticket

daAaB lets you share detailed information about your trip with your friends and family, via Whatsapp, SMS or Email.